In 2010, I started to build websites for companies.  Over the years, I have used Joomla, Google Sites, Intuit Sitebuilder, and Wordpress to create high quality websites.

Created and Maintain
Provided Input, Do Not Maintain 
Did Not Design, but Maintain
Assurance Tool & Machining Blooming Lotus Center Double Diamond Leadership
Chica Nica Doll Dresses Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin -Eagle Springs Lake Vacation Home
C-Dominski Plumbing Coyote Canyon -Mrs. Rikki's Daycare 
- Cultural Commons Eagle Business Association  
- Inspire Dreams Learning Center - Eagle Spring Lake Management District  
- King Cone (in progress, to be completed April 2017) Eagle Weather  
Knucklehead Pub & Grub FHF Restoration  
- Mr. Degreaser Hood & Exhaust Cleaning
(unavailable at this time)
Geography and Geology Department UW- Stevens Point  
No Hassle Mattress Get Fit Now, LLC  
Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of America Jonny Hammers  
 - Worzellas Point Supply 
(in progress, to be completed mid August 2017)
Osmann Lawn and Landscape Management  
  Skylar Witte  
  Sports Page Bar & Grill  
  Valentina Pegureo