Beginning in August 2010, I went on to further my education at Milwaukee Area Technical College. I spent the next 2 1/2 years pursuing an Associate's Degree in e-Business. During that time, I took many courses to help further my knowledge in Web Design and I graduated in December of 2012.

Courses taken:

VICOM 123- Website Development: Students use XHTML and CSS to develop basic Web sites. Then, software tools such as Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop are used to create Web sites. Emphasis is placed on acquiring or creating content and publishing sites. Commercial sites are evaluated for understanding design and usability. Hands-on projects build toward the completion of a site published to the Web.

VICOM 124- Content Management Systems: Students learn web development concepts as they apply to content management systems (CMS). Students will develop web sites using a variety of open-source CMS tools, such as: WordPress, Joomla, Concrete5, and Drupal. The final project is a Web site that students will develop using an open-source CMS tool.

VICOM 125- Advanced Website Development: Students learn JavaScript to develop more robust web sites. Students will learn about functions, event handlers, decision statements, cookies, and other advanced coding techniques. Advanced behaviors using Adobe Dreamweaver will also be covered. The final project is a web site that students will develop with JavaScript and Ajax.

VICOM 126- Mobile Web Development: Students learn concepts for information delivery on mobile devices, such as cellular phones, PDAs, laptops, and tablet PCs. WYSIWYG tools, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, and new adaptable languages, such as WML and WMLScript, are used. The final project is a Web site that students will debug using mobile devices.

VICOM 128- Website Development with HTML/CSS: Students develop the HTML and CSS skills needed for develop of functional Web sites. Emphasis is placed on writing code, designing with Cascading Style Sheets, debugging, and publishing of Web sites. The final project is a Web site that students will develop by writing code

VICOM 150- Intro to Digital Media: An introductory course, students work with software  and hardware used in the development of multimedia projects. An overview of computer graphics software includes Photoshop, Illustrator and interactive authoring programs. Hardware tools such as scanners, CD writers and printers are covered. Project-based assignments provide a basic understanding of the multimedia production process.

VICOM 152- Interactive Design Multimedia: In this course, students gain insight into interactive design. Students learn Photoshop techniques to work with digital images for interactive multimedia applications.  Illustrator is used to learn typography for interface design. Professional planning strategies are applied to produce a finished multimedia project.