I transferred to University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in January 2013 to pursue a bachelors degree in Web and Digital Media Development.  During that time, I took many courses to help further my knowledge in Web Design and Business Administration.  I graduated in December 2015.

Courses taken:

BUS 320- Principles of Management: Theory of management. Explore different ways managers function in profit as well as not-for-profit business and industry organizations. Examine management behaviors from functional and organizational perspectives. Use current and library resources. Study language, philosophy, historical development and psychology of management

BUS 321- Entrepreneurship: Risk taking, decision making, marketing, finance, personnel selection, record keeping, taxes, and controls unique to the entrepreneurial-type organization and the entrepreneur-manager.

BUS 322- Business Leadership for Management: Explore the various theories of leadership within the context of management. The role of the leader’s impact on attainment of organizational goals at various levels is studied. Situational theories are examined. Personal analysis of preferred style is included, as well as skill building techniques needed for development of leadership. 

BUS 350- Principles of Finance: Business units, especially corporate, in present day enterprise; financial principles applicable to their operation. 

CIS 110- Object Oriented Programming: Introduction to object-oriented programming paradigm; definition and use of classes; fundamentals of object-oriented design; development of object-oriented programming language principles; coding in an object-oriented meta language; coding in a current object-oriented programming language.

CNMT 210- Web Design and Development I: Fundamental principles and techniques of Web development, user-centered Web design, and basic project management. Topics include (X) HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, DOM, and tools for developing Web applications including code, graphics, and basic multimedia.

CNMT 410- Professional IT Communication: Examine methods of audience analysis and strategies to shape effective oral and written communication related to the field of information technology. Topics include career positioning, system documentation, Email etiquette and format, workplace ethics, social networking behavior, basic research practices, oral presentation skills, individual and group nonverbal communication in the workplace.

CNMT 480- Applied System Development Project: Apply computer programming, system design, and/or Web and digital media development concepts, principles, and practices to a comprehensive system development project; use team approach to analyze, design and document real world systems; use project management methods, project scheduling and control techniques; use formal presentations and group dynamics to solve system problems; develop a database and/or digital media artifacts to support the system.

WDMD 100- Creativity and the Arts: Creation across artistic media and genres. Nature of artistic experience as expressed in art, theatre, dance, music, film, video, and computer media. 

WDMD 200- Introduction to Computer Graphics: Survey of three common varieties of software used in Web and multimedia development, including raster-based, vector-based, and motion software. 

WDMD 201- Introduction to Digital Media Creation: Examine core concepts related to digital media creation, including graphics, audio, video and the multimedia development process.

WDMD 202- Digital Image Development: Use advanced graphics and animation tools to develop digital images.

WDMD 211- Web Design and Development II: Concepts of client-side programming of Web applications. Introduction to one or more Web-centered languages including JavaScript and XML.  

WDMD 302- Multimedia Authoring: Develop and create digital media including video, audio, animation.

WDMD 312- Web Design and Development III: Concepts of server-side programming of Web applications. Introduction to one or more Web-centered languages including PHP and SQL database.

WDMD 345- Advanced Media Development Tools: Use professional software tools for digital media development.

WDMD 346- Contemporary Topics in Web and Digital Media: Offers an introduction to the principles of open source web content management systems (CMS), with an emphasis on Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. 

WDMD 346- Ideation And Design Thinking: Ideation/Design Thinking is a design process that is based on collaborating with others to deeply understand a situation, problem or opportunity and then create a human-centered solution. Ideation/Design Thinking includes collaborating, iterating, listening and testing your ideas as a design team. Started and evangelized by Stanford University and IDEO, organizations and companies use ideation and design thinking to create innovate ideas and solve problems.

WDMD 348- Cognitive Learning Techniques and Video Production: Explore cognitive learning methods and apply to video preparation, production, and post-production from the technical and aesthetic viewpoints. 

WDMD 362- Digital Portfolio Development. Advanced examination and application of professional digital portfolio components and processes. Develop, refine and present artifacts that relate to digital media design and development.

WDMD 368- Advanced Digital Image Development: Development of advanced skills and techniques for visual storytelling across client-required media including print, web, and multimedia. 

WDMD 397- Internship in Web and Digital Media Development: Participate in supervised training work program that you arrange with your adviser at a cooperating organization.